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It takes time to create an Online Newsletter. The 'do it yourself' applications will charge you to do all the work yourself. Small business owners have no time to mess around with design issues and content issues every month! Statistics show that many business owners will drop out of the 'do it yourself' programs after a few months.

You may think you do not have the budget to hire an outside company to do your newsletter campaigns. Actually when you calculate the time you put in every month to create this newsletter, you will be spending way more than you had anticipated. Smart business folks outsource their newsletter campaigns. Once you outsource this portion of your marketing you know that it will be done consistently month after month.

LocalBizNetwork (LBN) marketing writers will take the time to understand your business, target market and goals. You will have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of our teams in various business sectors. We will be creating a strong relationship between your business and our team that NO DO IT YOURSELF Email Campaigns can ever give you! Work together with us and we will make sure your business grows!

LocalBizNetwork (LBN) will design and write the content for you. We will keep track of your database. A representative will be in constant touch with you regarding the content and the database. This is like hiring your own marketing crew for just $99/month!!! You do not have to do a thing!

What is more attractive in hiring LocalBizNetwork (LBN) is that you do not have to give your credit card number online and panic about creating these newsletters. You can deal with a LIVE representative either by phone or email (whatever suits you) 24 hours a day.

We are different from other E-newsletter services because we take care of the entire process!

Designing --> Formatting --> Editing --> Sending --> Archiving on your website EVERY MONTH.

We also send you a newsletter report after execution.

Just answer a few of the questions in SIGN UP NOW form and click on SUBMIT! A LocalBizNetwork representative will contact you to get the e-newsletter campaigns going.

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